“…the churches of Christ salute you…”

Romans 16:16

Paul Portley


The Church of Christ meeting at 400 W.S. Young Drive, in Killeen, TX, is served by appointed deacons. These men are servants, or attendants, in the New Testament Church. They are to serve in each congregation along with elders (Phil 1:1).

The qualifications for the deacons can be found in 1 Tim 3 and in Titus 1.
It is true that each Christian is a servant. The term is even applied to Christ in Romans 15:8. However, it is apparent that in the Church of Christ, there were men set forth to a work, even as were the elders. These men are known as deacons.

The deacons at W.S. Young Drive serve in many areas of work. Their work is directed more to the physical needs of the membership.