“…the churches of Christ salute you…”

Romans 16:16

Archive Sermons – January/2017

1/1/2017-Dan Carter-AM Sermon-“Taking Inventory”

1/1/2017-Dan Carter-PM Sermon-“Keeping the Appointments”

1/8/2017-Dan Carter-AM Sermon-“What is Normal?”

1/8/2017-Dan Carter-PM Sermon-“Who Shall Not Inherit”

1/15/2017-Dan Carter-AM Sermon-“A Life of Service”

1/15/2017-Dan Carter-PM Sermon-“Thinking On These Things”

1/22/2017-Boyce Edwards-AM Sermon

1/25/201/-Guest Speaker-PM Sermon

1/29/2017-Dan Carter-AM Sermon-“That Second Command”

1/29/2017-Dan Carter-PM Sermon-“Remember Me”